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Besly Round
Split Screw
Adjusting Dies

High Speed Steel

Machine Screw and
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Besly Round Split Screw Adjusting Dies

These Besly dies are used for threading bolts, studs, rods and other pieces requiring external threads.

They are round disks of hardened steel which have a slot to allow for limited adjustment in cutting size. This adjustment may be made by a screw in the die itself.

Besly Round
Taper Pipe
Split Screw
Adjusting Dies

Carbon Steel

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Besly Round Taper Pipe Split Screw Adjusting Dies

The design and method of application of these Taper Pipe Dies is very similar to adjustable Round Split Dies.

They are used for repairing or the occasional cutting of taper pipe threads.

Die Stocks

Carbon Steel

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Besly Die Stocks

These die stocks are for use with adjustable round split dies.

To insure the cutting of straight accurate threads, the die is held securely by two opposed screws in the stock which locate in two detents in the die. When this is done, the split in the die lines up opposite a third pointed set screw which can be run in to spread the die slightly for minute adjustment.

Stocks are made of one piece steel with a mottled finish. They are light and carefully balanced.

Tap and Die

Carbon Steel

Machine Screw and
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Besly Tap and Die Kits

These tap and die kits include carbon steel taps and dies in the same size and pitch, die stocks and tap wrenches in a wooden box.

Choose from 14 different kit models that cover a wide variety of needs.

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